Mainstream IPOs

CompanyOpen DateClose DateIssue SizeIssue Price
Powergrid InvIT29/0403/05₹7,735 Cr₹99 – ₹100
Shyam Metalics[●]/05[●]/05₹657 Cr₹[●] – ₹[●]
Macrotech Developers07/0409/04₹2,500 Cr₹486
Barbeque Nation24/0326/03₹452.9 Cr₹500
Suryoday SFB17/0319/03₹583.2 Cr₹305
Nazara Technologies17/0319/03₹582.9 Cr₹1,101
Kalyan Jewellers16/0318/03₹1,175 Cr₹87
Laxmi Organic15/0317/03₹600 Cr₹130
Craftsman Automation15/0317/03₹824 Cr₹1,490
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Powergrid InvIT IPO Updates

Barbeque Nation IPO Updates

Recent IPO Performance

CompanyIssue SizeIssue PriceListing PriceListing GainsQIBNIIRetailTotal
Macrotech₹2,500 Cr₹486₹436.0010.23%3.05x1.44x0.40x1.36x
Barbeque₹452.9 Cr₹500₹489.852.03%5.11x3.10x13.13x5.98x
Suryoday₹583.2 Cr₹305₹292.004.26%2.18x1.31x3.09X2.37X
Nazara₹582.9 Cr₹1,101₹1,99080.75%103.8x389.9x75.26x175.5x
Kalyan J.₹1,175 Cr₹87₹73.9515.00%2.76x1.91x3.74x2.61x
Laxmi Org₹600 Cr₹130₹173.4533.42%175.4x217.6x20.10x106.8x
Craftsman₹824 Cr₹1,490₹1,3598.79%5.21x2.84x3.44x3.82x
Anupam R.₹760 Cr₹555₹520.006.31%65.74x97.42x10.77x44.06x
EaseMyTrip₹510 Cr₹187₹212.2513.50%77.53x382.2x70.40x159.3x
MTAR₹596 Cr₹575₹1050.0082.00%165.0x650.8x28.40x200.8x
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CompanyOpenClose Issue Size
Jetmall Spices31/0307/04₹4.98 Cr
Rajeshwari Cans31/0306/04₹4.03 Cr
V-Marc India25/0331/03₹23.4 Cr
Siddhika Coatings24/0326/03₹4.70 Cr
EKI Energy24/0326/03₹18.6 Cr
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Upcoming IPOs

CompanyDate*Issue Size*
LIC of India2021₹80,000 Cr
Muthooth Microfinance2021₹700 Cr
Apeejay Surrendra Group20211,000 Cr
HBD Financial Services202110,000 Cr
Shriram Properties20211,250 Cr
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