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Eligibility to submit your guest post:

We accept articles from any Personal finance blogger/enthusiast who has an in-depth understanding and perspective on any of the topics listed below:

  • Investment Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Managing Debt
  • Personal Finance Tips and Tricks
  • Financial Independence
  • Relationships & Money
  • Children & Money
  • Life Events & Finances
  • IPOs and Stock Market Views (without a specific stock recommendation)
  • Workplace Financial Wellness
  • Preparing for Retirement
  • Any other topic you think is not listed above but can be a good inclusion


  • Any submission must be original and unique, duplicated content will not be accepted. Items that are found duplicate will be removed upon discovery.
  • Any format that we can easily upload to our site. We appreciate content coming most probably in Google Doc, Word Document, PowerPoint Presentations and other formats.
  • Please try to restrict your article length to a maximum of 1000 words
  • You are free to submit your content through email. If you are using Google Docs for writing, you can easily share the link for the same with us as well.
  • The content you are about to submit needed to be perfectly formatted. It should include introduction, conclusion, headings, and subheadings as essential formats. And the usage of numbering and bullet points is highly recommended if necessary.
  • We have the right for editing your article as well. We shall check and edit spelling errors, grammatical errors and formats if we see fit. We may change the headings and subheadings of the given guest posts if we find them inappropriate as per the content.
  • We are providing you with a chance to grow with us. We encourage you to submit your bio along with the guest post so that people can easily get to know about you, your website, social media profiles and other services with the help of attached links.
  • Any links included in the article must be relevant to the content submitted. If an article is accepted, we review links routinely to ensure the material has remained consistent with what was originally accepted. If a link ends up pointing to a dead page or irrelevant source we will likely remove the link from the article for quality and continuity standards.
  • We at IPO TANTRA reserve the right to accept or reject any submission for any reason.

How to submit your guest post to us?

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You can send your guest post to the emails listed below. We would publish your guest post on our website along with your profile if we find it perfectly suiting the given guidelines and on a quality basis.

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